Thursday, November 15, 2018

Unique Shawl Pin

There were a few choice words at my house last night. I was merrily knitting while watching Survivor. It was time to cast off. What a great project. Looks good. Super easy. Very fast. I was almost finished my cast off and ran out of yarn. I need to take out my cast off and then rip back one row. I guess I was really into the show (it was a good one!!)

Lynn thinks that I should leave it the way it is. The needles are a built in shawl pin. Just be careful if you hug someone.

The Blue Earth Cowl is a free pattern from Blue Sky Fibers. You can download it on Ravelry.
The Blue Earth Cowl is a textural knit that uses a variety of stitch patterns and all four colors of American Scenic yarn. This made in the U.S.A. yarn is a soft blend of alpaca, merino and silk. Based on how you wrap your cowl, you can achieve many unique looks highlighting a color or pattern.
There are four colours of American Scenic.
We had a snowy afternoon in Ancaster so I spent some time adding yarns to the website.

Manos Serpentina - we will have more colours arriving tomorrow.

After a very slow drive home I'm spending some time working on Free Your Fade. I don't have the patience to rip out last night's issue. I have 10 rows to go and my shawl is finished.

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