Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf #1 is done

The scarf is done and all the ends (okay two ends) are sewn in. It was 12:30 last night and I had three rows to go. There was no way I could stay up and finish so I did it this morning.

Why does the picture look so far away? When I stood closer the colours were off. This is pretty close to what the scarf looks like in real life.

Another scarf has been cast on in colour 200. This time I am using 41 stitches instead of 51 to get a bit narrower, much longer scarf.

Here is a shot of the parking lot. Not many leaves left.

The store is in total chaos. I am moving things and trying to make more room. I think everything is labeled with price signs. Garments should say what they are. Cathy is coming in tomorrow afternoon and we are going to straighten shelves.

A box of yarn went out to Lynda today. She is going to knit two of the new patterns from Churchmouse Yarns-I showed them in a post just over a week ago.

The Bias 'Before and After' Scarf in Silky Alpaca Lace from Classic Elite in 2458 Deep Amethyst.

The Easy Folded Poncho in Sportwool from Filatura di Crosa in 1675 Wine Heather.

Then she is going to use Kidsilk Haze Stripe colour 201 Sugar to knit

the Mohair Bias Loop.
Wear this sheer seamless loop as a long, endless scarf, or twisted double as a cowl, or around your shoulders as a wrap. We’ve knit it on the bias so the edges don’t roll and it sits nicely on the shoulders. Light as air, it folds up to nearly nothing, and is equally talented at dressy and casual—the perfect piece for travel.
You do not knit this in the round but back and forth so the stripes will be vertical. I can't wait to see the finished results.

I'm home from having my nails done and need to pack some boxes. Then bed. Cathy and I are going to be busy tomorrow.

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