Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Mr. Canpar came in today with two huge boxes from Estelle. Four colours of Frill Seeker and a new yarn called Mischief.

Two balls will make a scarf. Four stitches on 20mm needles. Knit every row until you are almost out of yarn. Easy as pie.

$9 a ball and we have all colours in stock.

The yarn is very soft!!

All of a sudden I looked out the window and saw that the sun was going down. Hurry. I wanted a picture of my scarf.

55 repeats are done-the pattern calls for 84 or maybe 86. I have the repeat memorized so I don't carry the pattern around with me. Hopefully I will get some done in knitting class tonight. At last weeks class the ladies brought their knitting out right away so they wanted me to print a retraction on my statement that they don't always knit in class.

Dinner last night was great. Mom and dad enjoyed themselves. Mom loved her gift-I bought her a gift card to Pier 1. She is excited about shopping for the new house.

I'm home from class. The ladies worked hard on their knitting!! Survivor has been taped. Who is going tonight?

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