Saturday, March 13, 2010

Made it

It is almost 8 am in Seattle.  I woke up at 5:15 but decided it was way too early to get up.  I was tossing and turning at 6 so I got up and started my day.  I have been out to get a tea (Starbucks is across the street).  No rain so far today but it definitely isn't warm  Glad I brought my big sweatshirt and a turtleneck.  I don’t have internet in my room so I am typing this in Pages (think Word in Microsoft) and then will copy and paste into Blogger when I get downstairs to free internet.
Our drive to the airport yesterday took under 45 minutes so I was very early.  I needed to use the washroom so started my quest to find one-not that easy in Terminal 1.  I had to walk through the check in area (which was jammed) and then down a hallway.  Didn’t make the walk because there had to be another 200 people in line to check in.  I started to freak out that customs and security was going to be crazy.  Thank goodnesses for flying business class.  Check in took about 5 minutes.  Customs was quick-about 15 minutes but I could see the security lines.  Did you know that they have separate priority security lines if you are flying business class?  There were 2 lines and the flight crews go through here as well.  People were starting to freak out that they were’t going to make their flights.  I saw some of them in the business check in and they were checking in an hour before their flight-of course you aren’t going to make it.  My line was moving quicker than the other one so people started jumping into my line.  Sorry.  Can’t do that.  We put an end to it and made it through with no hassles.  Yes, I did have knitting with me and they didn’t say anything about the needles.
The flight was uneventful and I got 3/4 of a ball of yarn knit.
We landed in Seattle and had to go to another terminal to get our luggage.  Before I came I read about the Link which is a light rail line from the airport to the downtown.  Thought it was a good idea.  $2.50 compared to an expensive cab ride.  It was a mile walk to get to the Link.  I am dragging my suitcase, my small carry on bag with my CPAP and then my purse which weighed a ton.  Laptop, Bookreader, camera, phone, knitting, candies....  The internet said the ride was about 20 minutes.  Try 50.  Finally make it to my stop and the internet said it was a block to my hotel.  Really??  The block was up the steepest incline I have seen-think about the hills in San Francisco you see in the movies.  Remember I am dragging two bags and carrying my purse.  
Here are a couple of pictures.  The first is looking down the hill.  The Link terminal is the first light at the bottom.  Remember I am dragging two bags and carrying my purse.  It is now 9pm in Seattle which is midnight in my time.  I have been going since 8am so I am now very tired and hungry and just want to get to my hotel room.
The second is looking straight out.  Unfortunately there is a tree in the way.  At the end of the hill is the water and ferry terminal.  
I get to my hotel and the registration desk was up a set of stairs.  Really?  How am I going to get my suitcases up there?  I left them at the bottom of the stairs and went up to get a bellman to help me.  
My hotel is what they call a Boutique Hotel.  The lobby isn’t called the lobby but The Living Room.  There is a fire place and lots of comfy couches.  Everything is very dark which isn’t good except when you are going to sleep.  In many hotels the light from the halls comes in around the door but not here.
My room is huge.  Great window seat that I will be sitting on and knitting later today.  Or I might be napping.
Nice bathroom as well.

It is now 8:30 and I have copied into Blogger and added pictures.  The mall doesn't open for over an hour.  I think I am going back to the room and sitting in my comfy window seat to get some knitting done.

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