Saturday, July 07, 2018

Short Turn

Our friend Kate Atherley has a new sock pattern out. Short Turn can be purchased on Ravelry.
This design is inspired by the TTC, Toronto’s transit system, which is loved and despised in equal measure. The system has been a major issue in the last three mayoral elections, and is a constant source of discussion and debate around the city, whether you use it or not. 
Riders of the city’s famous streetcar lines are very familiar with the concept of the “Short Turn” – when a vehicle goes off route sooner than anticipated, necessitating a detour, often a change of vehicle and sometimes even a change of route or line. This cable pattern is inspired by the streetcar routes around the city, and the various turns and changes that you experience along your journey – some anticipated, some not. It’s based on a 2 x 2 ribbing, but veers off and meanders here and there, somewhat unpredictably, providing interesting detours and crosses of the tracks. There’s also a plain section, worked only in reverse stockinette, denoting the not-insignificant areas of the city that aren’t well serviced by the TTC – and also, handily, solving the sizing issue. 
SweetGeorgia's Tough Love Sock would be perfect.

Andrea came in this morning with an amazing blanket to show off. It is so beautiful. She was on her way to a baby shower - lucky baby. She has another baby coming later this year and they are going to get the blanket too.

The pattern is the Colorburst Blanket (pattern purchased on Ravelry) and is knit with a Frabjous Fibers March Hare Mini Skein kit.
Bursting with color, this blanket was designed for Wonderland Yarns So Fond of Rainbows 20-skein Mini Skein Pack. Follow the rainbow, or mix it up for a striping effect. Solids, multis, minis, whatever you use: the shape is as sweet as the striping, so have fun! 
Not just for baby, this circular blanket could also be a lap blanket or decorative throw.

A collection of the best of the very best from Rowan magazine in honor of the company's 40th anniversary. 
Featuring the work of such renowned knitwear designers as Kaffe Fassett, Martin Storey, Louisa Harding, and Sarah Hatton, Rowan: 40 Years celebrates the magazine’s legacy with gorgeous sweaters, cardigans, wraps, and more. While it offers a gallery of covers, never-before-seen images from the original magazines, and a brief history, half of the designs have been knit again using modern colors and newly photographed with updated styling to prove Rowan’s designs are as fashionable today as they were years or decades ago. Every knitter will turn to this book for patterns and inspiration.
This amazing book will be arriving in August. A must have for Rowan fans. I was able to flip through a preview copy at TNNA and the patterns they chose are great.

I'm saving pictures of my Comfort Fade Cardi until tomorrow. I will have faded in the last colour. I also have pictures from Sarah with her progress.

Dad and Lucy came to visit me this morning while I was watering the gardens. We watered the dog as well.
There is a one year old St Bernard that goes to day care with Lucy. The owner has to move and was looking for a home for the dog. Dad called us. NO!!! We don't need another stubborn dog. And Lucy would not like someone else getting dad's attention. The owner did find a home so dad felt better.

Don't forget to mark you calendar. It'll be here soon.

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