Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Do I have enough?

Some days are harder than others to write blog posts. When a shipment arrives it is very easy. We aren't expecting any shipments this week. What do I write about? Then I had an aha moment. Why not share a few items from my Tips and Tricks class that I taught at Camp last year?

Do I have enough yarn to?
Cast off - you need 4 times the width of your garment to cast off. If you are doing a bind off like Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off then you need more yarn 
Work one row - you need 3 times the width of your garment for one row 
Long Tail Cast on - there are many calculations that you can do. The easiest way to make sure that you don’t run out of yarn (or have too much yarn) is to cast on with two balls. Gently knot the two ends together and start casting on. When all your stitches are cast on, cut off one ball. When you are finished your garment undo the cast on knot and sew in the ends. You will end up with 2 extra tails but I think it’s worth it.
I should be able to fill a few days worth of posts with these.

I've separated my cardigan. And joined in the third colour.
Everyone who touches this comments on how soft the yarn is. A customer asked today if there is cashmere in it. No, it's 100% superwash merino.

I started playing with combinations in tosh dk. Of course I want to make every kit with purple but I refrained and did different colourways. There is something about this green/gold that is calling my name. Seriously calling my name. The top colour is called Oak. This is an old version of the colour so it is very limited - we have enough for two cardigans.

The kits have been added to the website and I will add more as I come up with different colourways.

I borrowed this picture from Hedgehog's Instagram feed.
Deep End and Plump

Hurry Hedgehog. I need these.
I really, really want to keep knitting but it's almost 11:30. Do I send Lynn an email letting her know that I'll be late tomorrow and keep going???


Carolyn said...

Love the tips! Keep ‘em coming!

Anonymous said...

Love the tips! Please keep them coming!