Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knitter's Fair

Friday was a crazy day. I got to work early to pack the truck. I was sure that there was too much stock and it wouldn't fit. It did fit and there was room to spare. Cathy came into work so that I could do the last minute running around like picking up our new sign in Burlington. Beth and I headed to Kitchener at 4:30. The booth was mostly set up by 9 and we started our trip home. Of course there was a list of things that we forgot. No matter how many lists I make there is always one or two things that are left behind. It was midnight before I was tucked into bed. The alarm went off at 5:30-way too early but I had to get moving. While I was getting ready Beth got up and made lunch for us. Turkey sandwiches, cookies, more cookies and butter tarts. YUM!!

Here are my girls. I couldn't have done the show without them. They are wearing Rowan Colourscape Chunky vests out of the new Colourscape Folk magazine. Lynn is wearing Drew. Sarah knit and is wearing Alexis. Jane is wearing Lilly. I gave her the yarn last week and she worked quickly to get it knit in time.

I wore my Colourscape vest, Valour, as well. Some booths wore matching t-shirts, some had on matching aprons. We had Rowan vests as our uniform.

This is my new sign. The previous sign was a banner that we had to hang. We would adjust and adjust but it never hung straight or flat. Someone would be standing on the table and the rest of us would be standing back yelling directions. Not a good system.

I called DeeSigns in Burlington last week and asked if they could get a new sign made in time. The sign is done and looks great.

In previous posts I showed the Great Expectations Coat knit in Donegal Tweed from the newest Tahki magazine. Here it is in person. Joan knit and knit and knit like crazy and finished the coat on Thursday. It is amazing!!! You would think that the coat would weigh a ton because of all the cables but it doesn't.

Shawls beside Spud & Chloe.

On the left is the Kiri shawl that Lynda finished last week. She used Superior (a cashmere/silk blend) from Filatura di Crosa. It will be hanging in the store-make sure you feel it. Super soft!! The middle shawl is knit in Helen's Lace-the pattern is free on the label-all in garter stitch with a few yarn overs. Very easy. The far right shawl is a Heartstrings Pattern called Wrapped Up in Bows and is knit in Winter Lace from Mountain Colors.

Then the amazing Spud & Chloe garments-Uptown Downtown, Candy Stripe Jacket and the Sidecar Jacket.

After seeing the great vests in Colourscape Chunky, Lynn thought maybe she would like to knit one for herself. She is going through the book trying to decide which one.

A little surprise in the booth. Stilwell from Jared Flood's made in Brooklyn. It is knit in Portland Tweed from Classic Elite-wool/alpaca/viscose.

Hanging is the Offhand Design bag Maude in the Plaza fabric.

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth. Unfortunately I didn't have time to have a conversation with everyone.

Guess what today is? Sitting on the couch watching NFL football and knitting day!!!!


Sally said...


Have ya been busy???

Nori said...

Your booth was the most professional looking and organized booth at the fair.