Monday, September 21, 2009

Sleeve one is done

I spent yesterday sitting on the couch watching football and knitting. The first sleeve is done on my Cabled Coat. The back has been cast on, bottom border is done and I am 4 rows into the pattern. By 11 last night my eyes were very tired and I had to go to bed. If I could of I would have continued knitting but I had to come to work this morning-sleep was kind of important. Unfortunately the end of the football game last night was very good and I missed it.

It sure feels like fall outside today. Cooler and rain. I am good with the cooler weather (much better for wearing sweaters) but the rain can go away.

I have been working on my fashion show for Knitting Camp this morning. I have all the garments in my possession which takes a bit of the stress out of it. A few years ago we were promised garments and they didn't show up. The brochure had already been printed so throughout the show I had to keep saying "#30 isn't here, #39 isn't here". It made it look like we threw the fashion show together when we had been planning it for months.


Lost Mitten said...

Looks good! :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the colour. That's such a pretty shade of green