Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've tried to get the store back in order today and had to stop. It is more of a mess now then when I came in this morning. While unpacking I have been rearranging. Someone, please make me stop. :)

A few years ago there was a TV show called Kidnapped with Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton and Dana Delaney. Beth and I started watching (three or four episodes) and then all of a sudden it was gone. A wealthy couple's son was kidnapped and we never found out what happened. I found it on Netflix the other night. So far I am through seven episodes. I'm not the most patient person and want to have need the answers now. This makes me want to sit down and watch all episodes at once to find out who the bad person was and why they took Leo. There is no fast forwarding through commercials which means lots of knitting is getting done.

Mr. Canada Post brought in two parcels today. The first was from Trendsetter Yarns with the brand new colours of Minestrone.
Smoke #37

Mulberry Fields #32

Leopard Park #26

What can you do with Minestrone?

We used one ball on 7mm needles to knit the Multi Directional Scarf from Karen Baumer.

If you want straight forward TV knitting you can use 7mm needles, cast on 15 stitches and knit every row.

See all the colours.

The second parcel was from Churchmouse Yarns. We have their new patterns in stock including
Bias 'Before and After' Scarf
From Churchmouse's website
We dubbed this scarf 'before & after' because it's so ugly (truly!) before it's blocked and so beautiful after.  Knitted on the bias, this light, airy scarf has the smooth simplicity of stockinette stitch without all the rolling at the edges. The pattern includes simple instructions for adding beads at the ends.
The samples are knit in one ball of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace. I like the idea of the double scarf.

Easy Folded Poncho
You read that right-poncho. They are 'in' again.
Our favorite poncho transcends the trends.  It's easy to knit (just one long stockinette rectangle), easy to finish, and easy to throw on. Whether knit in a humble tweed or luscious alpaca, with a cowl or without, you'll see why this is a Churchmouse favorite!
Any DK yarn will work-think of the possibilities!!

Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozies
The pretty ruffled version was designed for our LYS Tour several years ago while the plain fellow is a perennial favorite. Choose a traditional tweed or a modern self-striping yarn in a color that won't show the drips. What a thoughtful gift. 
The proper name of the store is Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. Most of the store is yarn but there is a section where you can sample and buy tea. On the back of the pattern is a page describing 'How to brew a decent cup of tea'. It is a good read if you like your tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jule:

I would love to find the pattern for these cozies. Would you be able to let me know where to find them?
Tammy from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie:
Would you be able to point me int the right direction to find the pattern for these tea cozies?
Tammy from Saskatoon