Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Graphic Chevrons

Stephen West has a new pattern. This beautiful shawl is knit with two colours of fingering weight yarn.

Enjoy lots of graphic chevrons with this two-color brioche shawl design. The pattern begins at the corner with one chevron motif. Then, more chevrons are achieved one a time with an I-cord cast on technique to expand the shape. You can customize the size easily by binding off early or continue to knit more pattern repeat for a big shlanket (shawl/blanket).

You can purchase the pattern for the Briochevron Shawl on Stephen’s website

Photos © Stephen West

Check out Stephen's video for Brioche Knitting. This is a tutorial where he has you cast on 15 stitches and practice. Work along with him and then you will have a great grasp of the technique. 

There are 2 parts to the video depending on how you knit.

00:57 Continental Style (with yarn in left hand) Cast on with MC. 11:10 English Style (with yarn right hand) Cast on with MC.

I have been writing a newsletter for the past 4 days. I wanted to add tips for Brioche knitting in the newsletter and was having a hard time writing it so that it makes sense. Then I found Stephen’s video today. I’m going to abandon my notes - Stephen gives you all the information you need in the video.

Here is the shawl in another colour.

When a pattern says 'embellish with pom' try one of these extra large racoon poms.

Each pom includes a snap.  Colour may vary slightly.  Span measures approximately 15 cm.

These are 3 new colours. Cream, Lilac and Violet. It might seem like the wrong time of year for Pom Poms but we have been asked for them so I placed the order. Now you can be ready for the cold weather. ❄️❄️☃️ We know it will be coming!

What a great hockey game last night! Hopefully they can keep it up.

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