Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Not much knitting

Beth and I have talked a lot about a pizza oven. It was out of our head when I received an email from Crate and Barrel and they were selling the Ooni Pizza Ovens. We looked at each other and I placed the order. I even had a gift card from Cathy that went towards the oven. Thanks Cathy!! I’ve been holding onto it for the perfect purchase. The oven finally arrived yesterday. 

Until the deck is finished we are going to use it on a table. Unfortunately we didn’t read up on the oven. We needed a fire starter. Last night we tried newspaper but it don’t work. Today I bought some in Ancaster. Beth and I lit the oven because you are supposed to run it once before actually cooking in it. 

It was a good idea. Until it was lit and Beth had to run an errand. I sat outside with Boscoe until the flames dyed down. Just in case.

I grabbed my knitting and my iPad and sat outside for an hour. 

We have the vent hood but need the BBQ. Now we are going to have our contractor come so we can jig the configuration for the pizza oven. 

I can’t tell you how it cooks but I can tell you that it is very light. We packed it up and put it in the garage last night. The legs fold up and the pipes easily come out.

We were going to make pizza tonight but it is way too windy here. My guess is 3 tries before we get a pizza that is edible. It’s a good thing I bought lots of dough.

From June 1, 2017. My shed was painted.

Our friends own a painting company that does a lot of work with the construction company. I emailed Andrea the colours I wanted. She called Beth and commented that my colour choices might not be very good. Could Beth talk to me and have me change them? That didn’t happen and I think the shed looks great. Andrea came by when the guys were done and took lots of pictures admitting that maybe I knew what I was doing.

No, there isn’t much knitting to talk about today. Maybe tomorrow. We are waiting on orders from Biches & Buches, Addi needles, Knitters Pride needles and Pompoms. There is a box on the way with the beautiful Racoon poms. We will have white, ecru, natural and black along with some new colours.

Now a few rows before bed. I’m exhausted tonight. The hockey game last night tired me out. Thankfully I’m not a Leaf fan. I don’t think I could deal with that every year.

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Anonymous said...

There is a class which I believe is free on Craftsy with Peter Reinhart about making pizza crust. It is easy and wonderful. I've got my whole family making it.