Tuesday, June 08, 2021


Andrea Mowry has a new pattern. 

Pretty and polished. I designed this sweater for when I wanted to dress up a bit, finishing it off with sweet touches, like the picot collar and cuffs. Slipped stitches create an easy-to-work, unique riff on stripes. 

Evenfall is knit from the top down (meaning you can try it on as you go and add length to suit your own personal style!), beginning with the yoke. The entire sweater is knit with a slipped stitch pattern, incorporating stripes, to create a timeless style. The sleeves are separated and placed on hold while the body is finished and then returned to the needle, picking up stitches for the underarm for a totally seamless sweater body. The sleeve cuffs and collar are polished off with a picot hem, making this the sweetest sweater in your wardrobe!

Photos © Andrea Mowry
Evenfall is knit in three colours of fingering weight yarn. Biches & Buches would be a great choice.

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

The sweater looks great with a light background and a dark background.

I finally have baskets at my store. I wasn’t fighting the crowds at Terra. I drove by last week and the lot was empty so I went in. They were out of square baskets so I picked flowers and they planted these for me.

Dad picked them up today. We had to keep him busy. Lucy is okay but was back at the vets in Mississauga for the day because her leg was swollen and she wouldn’t put weight on it. We thought that she had done something and they might have to do the operation again. X-rays were taken and all the pieces are in place. She has an infection so we will start antibiotics and hopefully she’ll be walking better soon.

My window box is going crazy!

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Trina said...

Poor Lucy...I hope she gets better soon. It's so hard to watch an unwell dog...just wish they could speak!