Thursday, June 10, 2021

I’m a Model

Lynn and I did a little photo shoot today. I liked this picture - Lynn has her ‘I’m a model and I’m bored’ look on her face 😘. The shawl looks much better when shown on a human rather than a mannequin.

This is Gamut (pattern purchased on Ravelry) that we knit in Tsubame. We used one ball each of colour 5 and 10.

A box arrived from JUL today. This is her Filigree Tree Frog Shawl Stick.
The Filigree Tree Frog has a stick that extends up to the top of the ornament, creating a space behind the body of the frog that accommodates the knitwear, making this stick particularly secure and balanced in how it sits on top of your knitted garments and accessories.  The weight balance created by this unique design means the Filigree Tree Frog remains feasible even for very light-weight knits.

The Shawl Stick is made with white brass and is beautiful. 

Our Color Play Mohair Scarf that I showed last week. I am going to make up kits and add them to the website tomorrow.

The Filigree Tree Frog looks great on this shawl as well.

We also used a JUL Shawl Cuff (Round Ring - Plum with Antique Brass) on the shawl. The colour is perfect.

I haven’t knit much on my shawl - okay I’ve knit 6 rows in the last 4 days. Hockey is on and it’s time for a few rows.

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