Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Surprise - we have a very small shipment of Hedgehog Tweedy coming Thursday or Friday. There are only 40 skeins so don’t wait. It is on the website for you to order.
Hedgehog has an amazing shawl pattern called Fortune Cookie that takes 4 skeins of Tweedy. The pattern is free.

Large, generous wrap to keep the chill off on cold nights. Beautiful knitted lace motif that is lace on both right and wrong sides, but it is not too difficult. Finished off with a ribbed edging. 

It’s a very generously sized shawl. You can make a smaller version easily by omitting a repeat (or two!) from the body section. 

Chart only, no written instructions. 

Skills necessary: Chart reading, yarn over, ssk, k2tog, p2tog, p2tog tbl, blocking of the finished piece. 

Needle: 4mm, the longest cable you have. The shawl is knitted flat, however the circular needle will provide more room for the large number of stitches towards the end.

Brian Smith has a beautiful shawl knit with 3 skeins of Tweedy. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Photo © Andrea Mowry
Andrea Mowry’s Winters Beach Cardi is knit with Tweedy. You can purchase the pattern on her website.

When it comes to tweed yarn, I immediately begin dreaming of cables. I wanted to create a cozy cardigan with a no-fuss style. Winters Beach is worn open and is the perfect layering sweater - complete with pockets, of course. This sweater is knit from bottom up to the shoulders, then sleeves are picked up around the armholes and knit down. Pockets are placed while knitting the body of the sweater and finished at the end.

Doreen has a new shawl and it is gorgeous. She used one of our Pressed Flowers kits.

I finished my press flowers.  Love the shawl and the yarn is so soft.  Had a problem reading the chart in the beginning but once I got going this pattern is almost addictive.  Very easy to do.  Love the colour combinations. The purple red variegation looks like colours of the the flowers.  I could see doing this again in a bright colour scheme.

She added an I-Cord bind off to frame the pattern better.

Beth and I laid out the squares. I definitely need to add some blues. The squares are addictive. You really want to see what the next colour is going to look like and then you want to see what the next square is going to look like. Once you have knit a square they are mindless - very easy to carry around with you. One ball and one needle.

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