Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Few Choice Words

Janice emailed me pictures of her finished Butterfly Shawl. It is stunning!!! Thanks for sharing Janice.
You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

I put together some more kits yesterday. I don’t have the exact colours that Janice used but the kit with 3012 and SG Velvet Elvis is close. The purple contrast might be a bit brighter. The 3012 Uneek Fingering is the colour that Janice used.

On this day
From June 13, 2018 - My Fading Point. I knit this with 5 colours of HH Sock. 
Fading Point is constructed from both ends towards the centre, and then both pieces are connected with triangles to achieve a seamless rectangle. 
The pattern is completely different than its predecesor: It has sections where you blend 2 colors together and then sections with lace. The instructions are WRITTEN AND CHARTED.
The pattern can be purchased on Joji’s website.
I went to Joji’s website to get the link for Fading Point and came across this shawl - I don’t remember it. The lace pattern is gorgeous.
Photos © Joji Locatelli

This wrap is worked in two identical halves, joined in the centre.  

The diamond shaped lace in the ends gives this pattern a very sophisticated look, and the DK weight yarn used for it makes it warm and cozy. This is a wrap suitable for any occasion!

The shawl is knit in DK weight yarn so you have many options. For a slightly lighter shawl you could use a sport weight yarn.

Yesterday I was bragging about how well my Brioche was going. Yup. Way too soon. I dropped a stitch last night. It took about 1/2 hour to get it picked up. Something is still slightly messed up but you wouldn’t know unless I told you. There were some bad words and I was close to tears. Boy was I frustrated! 

I wrote my post early today so that I can spend some time knitting this afternoon. Maybe if I’m a bit more alert there won’t be anymore problems. 

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elizabeth PAAL said...

wow, love the pattern and colour. Will have to take the leap and step out of my out of my comfort zone.