Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Playing with Colour

Lynda just finished a sample for the store. It is beautiful. 

We used ProLana Kid Seta Color to make Churchmouse’s Color Play Mohair Wrap. There are 4 colours in the shawl - 2 balls each. We used 180, 182, 183 and 185.

I didn’t think to unwrap the shawl when I was out back. Then it was time to go so I took a quick picture at the door.

Made with a double strand of a favorite lace-weight mohair and silk blend, you'll have fun playing with color, mixing with ombré shading, or crossing the color wheel for graphic punch. For the scarf, we mixed four solid colors—two at a time—to create shaded color blocking. For the wrap, we played with four softly self-striping colorways—sometimes with themselves, sometimes with each other—so no two pieces will ever be alike. You'll just have to make another one.

I knit 5 versions of the shawl when the pattern first came out. It is a fun knit. You are holding two strands together throughout. You start with so many rows of AA, then AB, BB.... No two shawls will look the same.

Mr. Canada Post brought a box of Addi needles this morning. The Squared interchangeable sets are back in stock.

The Ancaster Farmers Market is back. It is in the lot beside us every Wednesday until October. Here is a link to their website. You can order online for curbside pick up if you don’t want to walk around. I picked up fresh strawberries at 3 before heading home. Wow. They were amazing! Dad and Beth have already told me that I’m going back next Wednesday.

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