Friday, July 24, 2020


Wannietta finished another Passeggiata Wrap for me. This kit was Neutral Zone. We’re out of this colour but more kits are coming. We do have great colours ready to ship.
The wrap is stunning. Wannietta knit this one on a slightly bigger needle. She felt that her first one was a bit on the tight side.

Ms. UPS brought 3 huge boxes today. 

There are many colours of Tosh merino light and Unicorn Tails. I will get these on the website over the weekend.

There was also a box from Biches & Buches. These are new colours of Le Petit Silk & Mohair. They will be added to the website over the weekend as well.
The newest colour of Le Petit Lambswool is amazing! Meet Light Pink Violet - this has been added to the website. Can’t you see a Botanic Wrap knit with it? I put it with Crazy 2355 and Dyed in the Wool Neveruary B.
I am going to dream about a Newleaf in this combination.
We’ve all knit the sweater and I know I’d make it again. Lynn is talking about making it with long sleeves. I’m sure we could convince Sarah that she needs another one 😘

I have a few rows in me before bed. Two more boxes were delivered by Canpar this afternoon that I didn’t even open. I’ll be in the store for a while tomorrow.

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Lois Evensen said...

What beautiful intarsia sweaters! I love making them and wearing them. There is no limit for me. I'll knit/wear/enjoy as many as I can make before my fingers stop to function.