Monday, July 20, 2020

Almost there

I’m one pattern repeat away from doing the border. I could be finished by the weekend and then I can cast on something new šŸ˜˜

Freia is shipping a box tomorrow. It could be here next week.
Kits are on the website so that you can order and we will ship the minute they arrive. This pattern is the Passeggiata Wrap. I know that I’ve shown this many times but the shawl is so beautiful!

A shipment is on the way from Knox Mountain as well. More cuffs!

A customer called me this morning about yarn and told me about the Stephen West webinar that she did over the weekend - Shawl Shapes. She said it was amazing and so inspiring. There are 2 more webinars coming in August.
Stephen & Penelope are delighted to host Westknits Webinars, a virtual presentation with Stephen West. Moderated by Stephen & Penelope founder, Malia Joseph, Westknits Webinars are a digital dive into the woolly world of Westknits. The online version of a Westknits Lecture, participants get an interactive experience with polls and Q&A sessions all from the comfort of their home. 
Here is the link to Stephen’s website to sign up.

I have been trying to write a newsletter for the past week. I hope to finish it tomorrow and get it out this week. Watch you inbox.
Someone is having their hair cut on Friday. I like his hair long but it is starting to mat and it needs to be trimmed.

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kim burton said...

Love the Botanic shawl! I am imagining it in rich autumn/winter tones......Bosco will feel better with a haircut.
Best regards....