Wednesday, July 22, 2020

A day with Lucy

Ms. UPS stopped by this morning with our box from Freia Fibers. This Minikin Palette Pack is called Sun Kissed. The colours are gorgeous.

It was an early morning. Beth left at 5:30 to get Lucy. Dad could have dropped Lucy off but then she sits at the door and cries for hours. If Beth picks her up Lucy will have a few minutes of crying every so often but it’s manageable. Lucy is attached to my dad. Lucy is spoiled. The dogs ate, played, did their outside business and then went to sleep. Beth was working from home today so I was free to head to the store.

Thank goodness for tile floors. Lucy is very messy when she drinks.

The Clearance section on the website is growing. More kits and yarn have been added.
There are 4 kits for Joji’s Fading point made with Tosh merino light. Here is a great one in purple/periwinkle.

We watched Tough as Nails and I made it to the border on my Botanic Shawl. Every row is knit so it should move along quickly. Except for the fact that the rows keep getting longer. Now it’s bedtime and I hope to sleep in until 8am.

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Lois Evensen said...

Awww, sweet Lucy. Beautiful yarn, too! ;)