Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Nice evening for a drive

Diana dropped in today with the Botanic Shawl. It is gorgeous! The yarn relaxed nicely after a soak with Soak.

Pattern: Botanic Shawl

Yarn: Le Petit Lambswool Very Light Green with Crazy Garden Party

We used 3 skeins of Le Petit and 2 balls of Crazy.
This triangular shawl is knit sideways starting with a tiny corner increasing to the border. Stripes and slipped stitches decorate the linear lines of the fabric. One solid yarn combined with one self-striping yarn produce an exciting project that’s easy to knit and fascinating to watch the colors unfold. This pattern is a great beginner shawl project with simple stitches. You can stop early for a smaller shawl or knit more repeats for a larger shawl.
My shawl has one extra repeat before the border and the border is 6 rows longer than what the pattern called for.
Wannietta is blocking the next Passieggiata Wrap. The colours are different and equally as beautiful. This kit is Neutral Zone. They are already sold out but more will be coming later this summer.

Tina from Freia Fibers is knitting the Baby’s Breath kit. That might be the next one. I love these colours.

Helen (Wannietta’s bestie) send me a picture of another beautiful So Faded. This time she used Hedgehog Skinny Singles, Garnstories and Uschitita.
Hello! I waited for Wannietta to finish her shawl so we can send you the pictures together
Blue Sky Fibers has a new pattern for Woolstok. This is a great looking sweater - you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
Knit in soft and warm Woolstok, this pullover with its eye-catching detail of different textures combined with a relaxed fit makes it ideal for both men and women.
I just went for a quick drive to the store. This morning I watered my gardens. To get the water I have to open the back door and I didn’t remember closing or locking it. If I didn’t go it would bother me all evening. I wouldn’t sleep so it was better to go. The evening was gorgeous and it was a nice drive with the top down.

And why not spend some money before bed? I just placed an order with Biches & Buches.
There are two new colours of Le Petit Lambswool coming. I know I will need to knit with Light Pink Violet.
Now a few rows of knitting and then bed. Lucy is spending the day here tomorrow because dad is pouring concrete in Richmond Hill. Beth will pick her up at 5:30 when dad leaves. That’s AM which is early 😘

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