Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Sale July 27

Blossoms are center-pull cakes of joy!  Hand-dyed in floral-inspired gradients they are one continuous color-changing knit!  The colors magically meld into each other for a seamless color transformation.  For larger projects you can alternate between two or more cakes, for longer color sections.  Stripe with two or more cakes of different colors for fun color-play. 
Blossoms are 80% superwash merino/20% nylon; great for socks, shawls, accessories, and lightweight garments. 
Blossom specs: 4-ply fingering, 4-oz, 425 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon
What can you knit with Blossoms?
This is a shawl inspired by a yarn, a yarn that is inspired by flowers. "Blossoms" are dyed as knitted blanks. Dyes are washed over the blank, building layer upon layer, creating seamless shifts from one color to another. Colors blend and overlap and a complex, cohesive colorway is developed. Striping two different colorways together allows the colors to shift and interact as you knit. 
To start, Bidicot begins as a "V" shape—with my favorite decrease—a CDD (centered doubled decrease) creating a defined line from the cast-on that continues to the bind off. Once the width is reached, stitches will be "moved" from one side of the CDD to the other, turning the "V" into an elongated triangle. Tassels polish it off.
The pattern can be downloaded on
The shawl is knit with 2 Blossoms - 1 each of Chrysanthemum and Lady Slipper.

We used 1 Blossom to make the Geology Shawl.

You can use 2 Blossoms to knit the Botanic Shawl.
(This is my Botanic Wrap knit in another yarn. If you use Blossoms, your striping sections will be longer)

Two Blossoms would make a great Butterfly.

Take a look at the projects on Ravelry that were knit using Blossoms.

Blossoms are on sale for $30 from now until Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 12pm EST. You can order on the website and have the yarn shipped or you can pick it up.

All sales final. No returns.

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