Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Gorgeous Projects

Gail emailed me pictures of her finished Passeggiata Wrap today. It is gorgeous. This is the Watercolors Minikin Palette pack from Freia. 
We are still waiting on our kits. I try not to send too many emails to suppliers bugging them for yarn but I am sending another one to Tina this evening.

An email came later in the day from Connie with pictures of her Breathe and Hope. She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles in Monet and Naive. The colours look great together.
Connie doesn’t like to be photographed so her friend is wearing the shawl for her.

Wannietta emailed me after dinner with my current Passeggiata.

This is totally different than my first one but equally as beautiful.

Ms. UPS dropped by this morning with a box from Hedgehog Fibres.
The Sock Minis are gorgeous. I will try and get them on the website tomorrow.
These are skeins of Sock. Heron is a brand new colour. I haven’t decided what pattern these should be but they look amazing together. I might need to add three more for Find Your Fade.

Pretend Trip Day #2
Last night I took Beth to see Aerosmith.
The show was amazing. I wasn’t a big Aerosmith fan but after seeing them live I am now.

This afternoon we met Jerry Rice. What a thrill. He was a very nice man.

Now it’s time for a rest before dinner. Tomorrow we are golfing.

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