Friday, July 03, 2020


Alex stopped by this afternoon with my finished Hug Shot. She blocked it and sewed the ends in. Thank you Alex - it made all the difference.

I received an email that our Hedgehog order is leaving Ireland on Monday. We will have new Sock Mini Skeins in the order. What colours? Lots of brand new ones. Hedgehog hasn’t even photographed this set yet.
Plump, Phoenix, Potion, Gossip, Crush, Insomnia, Rosehip, Heron, Bijou, Melon, Deja Vu, Ozone, Danube, Orion, Firefly, Graphite, Hawk, Boa, Wish, Cedar, Deep End, Beach Bunny, Matchstick, Comeback, DRK, Beatle, Macaroon, Guppy, Fools Gold, Pollen
A great pattern for minis is Squared.
Simple modular poncho design with an applied i-cord border. No need to pick up stitches all the way around, yay! You will be holding two strands of different colours for a marled effect. The poncho is knitted in sections that are attached as you go. Easy and fun project, incorporating lots of different colours of fingering weight, so go dive into that stash! 
The pattern is free on Hedgehog’s website.
Julie Ann knit Squared a few years ago. It is stunning in real life.

Also coming
Kidsilk Lace
Skinny Singles
Twist Sock
Merino DK

There is a brand new yarn coming as well.
Tweedy skeined
Fresh from the mill :) I'm really excited about this new base that I've been working on for a while. It's a tweed yarn and the coloured bits are our own hand-dyed waste - the ties that we take off the hand dyed skeins. We save them very diligently and it's a labour of love. 
We have been collecting the ties for a while and I finally found a mill that could process these, which means re-carding them, blending and spinning into yarn again. We have a batch of this lovely grey-ish tweed yarn with colourful speckles. I love how neutral it is with a colourful bit here and there. It comes in one colourway only and I think it's just calling for sweaters and cardigans. 
We are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and to minimise waste. On top of our thread waste we are using recycled wool, making 50% of the total content recycled. I love the result! It's soft, yet wooly and not superwash. It blooms beautifully after washing. 
I'm making a chunky lace shawl with it, which will be a free pattern very soon (hopefully as soon as this base starts hitting stores!) I've included an unblocked sneak peek in the last photo :) 
Andrea Mowry has swatched and there is a pattern coming late summer/early fall.  
The composition is: 50% Falkland Merino Wool, 37.5% Recycled wool, 12.5% our Thread waste 
I don’t know the thickness right now and Hedgehog is now closed for the weekend. I’ll share as soon as I find out.
Gorgeous and subtle, but still fun 
Blooms after washing 
Raw material
Shawl design in the making
I can’t wait to see this in person.

Now it’s time to knit a few rows on my Botanic Shawl.


Trina said...

Love the look of that new yarn Julie!

Julie Ann said...

Thanks for showing that again Julie. It was such fun to knit and plan the colours! I was just looking at it yesterday hanging on my dress firm.

Diane said...

Your Hug Shot looks great! I am still working on mine, its nice to see how yours shaped up! Motivation to keep on going! (though I am really enjoying the pattern, so not much motivation is needed!)


Lynne said...

OMG that Tweedy is exactly my happy place. Can't wait to see it in person. #SQformeplease