Saturday, June 11, 2022

Tidy Stitches

Freia Fibres has a new sock yarn coming for fall. Tina said that I could use her picture from Instagram to get you thinking about socks.

freiafibers OK, this goes way beyond a hint - I'm so excited about these I can't wait to tell you! This fall keep an eye out at your LYS for these matching sock kits!! Whoop! Whoop! Why am I so wild about these? They are: SUPER soft - US Merino - ethically raised - minimally processed, just enough to make them machine washable and dryable - identical (we're calling them 'Sole-Mates' get it?) - great yardage (460yds total/230yds per ball) and yeah, I said soft, right? I've never worn a sock as luscious as these.. be still my beating heart! The only thing I ask of you is a wee bit of patience as we still have to get to dyeing up the yarn, we'll post teasers of course - cos seriously, how awesome are these? Sock knitting is calling!!!

I ordered colours yesterday and will add more when I see Tina in Chicago. Wow - that is coming up quickly. 

Romi (Rosemary Hill) asked this question on Instagram

📷 © Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Who else has problems keeping the last stockinette column of stitches tidy before transitioning to reverse stockinette?

I always have this problem - especially in 2x2 ribbing. 

Take a look at her post on Instagram with a video showing a great solution.

I could kind of see the parade from the store. Lots of people lined Wilson Street to watch.

More flowers are blooming. I need to get more of these Alliums - they are so cool.
Our dishwasher is a little finicky. If it is running the kitchen tap has to be set to hot. Beth gets the dogs water from the bathroom sink when the dishwasher is going. It is actually colder than from the kitchen so they love it. They met Beth and all three wanted in at the same time.

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