Friday, June 10, 2022

Special Hours tomorrow (Saturday June 11th)

The new colours of Tsubame are amazing. They are photographed and on the website but I forgot to show them here.

Here are some new combinations that I put together for Gamut. You can also make your own combination - you need 2 balls of Tsubame.
This combination is so bright and cheerful. Diana knit our first Gamut and I think I’ll have her knit another with these colours.

Just a reminder that our hours are different tomorrow.

Wilson St closes at 9:30 (and will reopen at noon) so I need to be at work early. There is a parade that starts after the store - some years the police will let us through and some years they won’t. It’s better to get there before they close the road just to make sure I get to work. The weather should be nice so I’ll walk down and watch the start of the parade.
Boscoe loves the new patio furniture.

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