Tuesday, June 07, 2022


Stephen West reworked his Pogona scarf.
Pogona is one of Westknits’ earliest shawl designs. It’s a beautiful beginner friendly pattern with an elegant shape. Pogona features stockinette and reverse stockinette panels that increase into a generous shawl shape. The shawl is knit seamlessly with three skeins of fingering weight yarn in a beautiful gradient for the large size. The small size features one skein of fingering weight yarn for a quick to knit little shawl. You can bind off at any time to customize the size of your shawl, so you can enjoy a petite one skein wonder or wrap yourself in a large shlanket.
From Stephen’s newsletter that arrived in my inbox this morning

I've made some improvements to an early Westknits classic and I'm so excited for you to fall in love with the Pogona shawl all over again! This is a beautiful beginner friendly pattern with stunning stockinette and reverse stockinette panels that create a mesmerising, drapey shawl. This elegant shawl can be knit with only one skein for a smaller size, or with three skeins of yarn for a bigger shlanket that features a gorgeous, elegant gradient

Enter the discount code “POGONA20” when you checkout on my website or on Ravelry to get 20% off the Pogona pattern until the end of the day on Friday 10th June.

Here is the link to the pattern on Stephen’s website. 

Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry.

📷 © Stephen West

This morning I mentioned to Beth that the sump pump hadn’t gone off this morning. She said not to worry - the ground wasn’t that wet and we were okay. NOPE! I did all my chores and was going for a nap around 2. The sump was bothering me so I went and checked. The pit was ready to overflow and the sump pump wasn’t working. Dad come over and then Mike from the workshop came over with a sump pump that they had lying around. We switched to a new sump and it’s working now. If it hadn’t been switched our basement would have been flooded by tomorrow morning. YIKES. The new pump hasn’t stopped for the past 2 hours. Dad is getting a new pump tomorrow and we’re going to look at putting an alarm on it. We’re always worried about a power outage and the damage that could happen if the sump doesn’t work. I might be one step closer to convincing Beth that we need a generator.

I’m early today. No nap meant time to blog. 

NOTE - The store will be open from noon - 4pm on Saturday. It is Heritage Days in Ancaster and Saturday morning there is a parade down Wilson St. The road will be closed until noon.

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