Thursday, June 23, 2022

Shopping was fun!

The Madelinetosh booth was busy this morning so I will go back tomorrow. There are a lot of colours on the wall that we don’t have. 

This is one of the new bags coming from Della Q. This is a new colour - a purple/blue. The doctors bag will be available in this colour only in September. It will be available in all bag colours in November. I will get more pictures of the bag tomorrow. They were still setting up the booth when I arrived - they didn’t get their boxes until late last night.

I am very excited about the doctors bag. If there had been more than one in the booth I would have tried to talk them out of it.
Wallets are coming in September. The booth was crowded and I didn’t want to elbow people out of the way for pictures. The booth didn’t have the best lighting. There will be better pictures coming when the arrival date is closer.
The Lunch Bag will be coming in November.
This is a better representation of the new colour.

Many of you use Soak for blocking and washing your garments. Meet Jacqueline - the creator of Soak. I think she’s smiling because she knows I want to share the new scent with you but she won’t let me. 

Gleeners will be back in stock soon. This is the new packaging and these are only available in blue. 
I did order some Gleeners in the old packaging (not a pretty box) that will be coming in blue and turquoise. Why both? The old packaging is cheaper and easier if we need to ship.
There are fun new needles coming from Addi. These are Ewenicorn Turbos. They are the standard tip and the needle has the spiral pattern that square needles have.
We love Deluxe Worsted Tweed from Universal Yarns. 6 new colours (as well as a restock of existing colours) will be coming in the next few weeks.
I keep saying this but the lighting in the convention centre wasn’t good. I grabbed these colours from the Universal website.

There are new colours of Hope baskets coming from Atenti.

Here are some of the other bags that they do. 
Dad and his friends. From the right - Jackson, Boscoe, Hugo and Winston. Dad’s birthday balloons are still in his office. 

I’m going to knit a few rows and then bed. (I haven’t knit enough while I’ve been here to warrant pictures). Tomorrow could be a long day. We land at 7:40 but who knows how long the lines in customs are going to be. And then we might be waiting for luggage.

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