Saturday, June 18, 2022

Lynn Loves Elah

Lynn is happily knitting the Elah Cardigan. She is using Le Lambswool in Soft Dark Grey. The colour is off in my pictures but I wanted you to see how the pattern in progressing.
You start each front with a provisional cast on. You knit down the depth of your armhole. Then you go to the provisional cast on, take out the stitches and put them on a needle to start the back. (There are a few more steps to this and Isabell explains it really well in her pattern). You knit down the back for the depth of your armhole. Then all the stitches are joined so you are going back and forth across one front, the back and the other front. No side seams.

I wrote out a description and then shook my head. Isabell’s description is much better.

Elah is worked seamlessly from the top down. Fronts are worked in lace pattern, while the back is worked in Stockinette stitch. Knitting starts with the provisional cast on of the shoulders for the fronts (you will first work the right front, then the left front). Once the short row shaped shoulder slope is done, the front is worked flat to underarm. Shoulder stitches are picked up from the provisional CO of both front shoulders to work the back to the same length. At underarm both fronts and back are joined to work the body top down back and forth to the bottom hem. As the front ribbing is built in, there is no finishing required. Sleeve stitches are picked up around the arm openings to work the sleeves in Stockinette stitch top down in rounds to the cuffs.

This is the forecast for Chicago next week. It is going to be warm.

I’m trying to figure out the knitting that is coming with me. I think it will be my first Inclinations Cowl so that I can get it finished but it’s still a few days away so who knows. 

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