Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Feel Good

Andrea Mowry has a new pattern.
The Feel Good Shawl. A Brioche journey. I treated myself to these delightful colors just before the winter break and I cast them on without much of a plan - allowing the sheer joy of colors and squishy stitches to guide me. I hope you feel just as happy as you knit one up for yourself! This shawl is knit from the top down using one and two color brioche and ending with a wide border of double brioche.

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website. 

I purchased the pattern and read through it quickly. At first glance you might think it is too hard - there are a lot of abbreviations. I was always afraid to knit one of Andrea’s Brioche shawls because of this. My suggestion is ‘Don’t read ahead!!!!’ I have knit a few of Andrea’s Brioche shawls and if you work row by row you will be okay. Andrea has many videos explaining each step.

If you read through Andrea’s pattern page (link above to purchase the pattern) you will see that she has a section that says Techniques to Indulge In. Click on each of these and you will get a video. Cast on some stitches and follow along. Then you will know that you can work the stitches before starting the pattern.

Andrea used a DK weight yarn for the shawl. It is a shawl so I think you could use a yarn like Cascade 220 Superwash Merino. I would suggest doing a swatch and seeing if you need to go up a needle size. I wouldn’t suggest the original Cascade 220 - the yarn isn’t as soft so I don’t think you will get the drape. I also think you could use sport weight.
This is from Andrea’s Instagram account. I ran to the store this afternoon and grabbed skeins. Here are some pictures of colour suggestions. I used Hedgehog Merino DK and Tosh DK. Colour B calls for 230 yards. Merino DK is 220 yards and Tosh is 225 yards. When I look at the test knits on Ravelry the knitters didn’t come close to the 230 yards.
Deep End
A - E (left to right)

These are just suggestions on the order for the colours. You can mix these around and I think they will look great in any order.
Whiskey Barrel
Dr. Zhivago’s Sky
Night Bloom
I grabbed some pastels. You can mix and match any of these
Top Row - Moonstone, Celadon, Beneath the Waves
Bottom Row - Calligraphy, Moonglow, Bloomsbury, Rose

I was up very early and cleaned. The floors were washed and then I tackled the BBQ. I pulled it all apart and washed everything. There were 17 different parts to wash. I’ve washed my hands so many times I can’t count and then I had a shower. My hands still look dirty.

I need to stop now and get knitting. I only knit one row last night. I might be knitting in the store this week.

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