Saturday, October 23, 2021

What to wear

Diana came in today with a new sample. Lynn took off her sweater (and braved the cold) to show the shawl.
One of NORO's most colorful creations, Ito provides an ever-changing color spectrum as you knit. We dare you to count the number of colors you can find in each ball of Ito!
You and your friends could knit the shawl using the same colours and they will look totally different because the starting colour of every ball is varied.

Here is a link to Ravelry so that you can see the shawl knit in different colours. The pattern is a free download from Biscotte - here is the link to their website. Add the pattern to your cart and hit checkout. It will be emailed to you right away.

My last Shift has been blocked. Now to sew the seam.
There is going to be another Shift in the near future because a brand new colour of Dyed in the Wool is coming this week. Absolute Zero. 

The hardest part about being open again is figuring out what to wear to work. For the past 18 months Lynn and I could come to work in whatever we wanted. The dress code was very casual. There was no sense wearing good clothes (which includes hand knit sweaters) when we weren’t seeing customers. Now I have to look at the weather and figure out which handknit to put on. It makes me realize that I want to finish some projects that are on the needles at home. A few are very close to being finished. We have one other problem - we have knit the same sweaters and a couple times we came to work matching.
Beth emailed me this morning with the caption - we need a bigger couch.
Beth worked from home yesterday afternoon and had all three dogs. Lucy wasn’t happy because her dad left her. When I got home this is how I found them. Watching for dad.

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