Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Look what I found

I was tidying today and found a magic bag with an almost finished Nightshift. 

I am using Noro Ito but this one is a bit different. I am using 3 colours instead of 2. I thought that I wanted it bigger than my other shawls so adding a 3rd ball would do this. Now that I’m wearing one of my original ones I don’t think I want it too much bigger. I’m close to being finished. I made notes too which helps because I had no clue how I was working the colours. The colours here are 18, 30 and 31.

First-time blockers are always amazed by the difference blocking makes to the final appearance of their knitting. After blocking, sweater parts lay flat, stitches even out, and what looked like a wild mess now behaves nicely. It’s like magic! After 20 years of teaching knitting, I’ve never grown tired of instructing my students on finishing techniques. In fact, the technique of blocking is one of my favorite things to demonstrate. I used to demonstrate blocking with pieces of carpet, but carpet scorched easily and was too thin for blocking pins to sink into. Rugs, towels and bulky blocking boards weren’t much better. Many of my students didn’t bother to block because it was such a cumbersome task. With this in mind, I set out to improve on the carpet pieces.I eventually had special tiles custom made to create the ideal blocking mats, and the end result is my Knitter’s Block Kit.

We received a very small shipment from Cocoknits today which included the Knitter’s Block.

There were also a few Maker’s Boards.

There is a very limited number of these for now but more will be coming. The Rulers haven’t arrived yet.

Beth and Jackson are out for a walk and when they get back it’s time for knitting and Survivor.

It’s treat time after dinner. Lucy is just to the right.

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