Friday, January 14, 2022

Felted Tweed

Brian Smith just release a gorgeous shawl pattern called Diamond Lines that is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed Colour. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. I purchased the pattern and will be sending yarn to Lynda on Tuesday. We will use the same colours as Brian did - I really like how they look together.

This crescent shape shawl uses stocking stitch with a garter ridge, stocking stitch stripes, short rows with a garter ridge and a pretty diamond lace pattern. Although this design uses 200 grams of double knit yarn, it will sit around your shoulders as light as a cloud.

Felted Tweed Colour stripes and no two balls start at exactly the same point so no two shawls will be the same.

Linda emailed me this picture - her Temperature Blanket is growing.

I’ve always been keen to follow the weather but now am ‘over the moon’ obsessed 🤩 with the weather each morning as I knit a new garter row of my blanket. Here it is so far. I’m loving it!

Linda is using more colours for her blanket than I am. You can use as few or as many as you want. The more colours you choose the smaller the temperature range for each colour. My range is 3 degrees, I think Linda’s will be 2 degrees for some colours.

I have been working on mine daily as well. I thought I would wait until Sunday and do all the rows at once but I can’t wait. 

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Lois Evensen said...

Your sweet pups look so comfy! I just love all your yarn colors. I don't have the time (or enough hands) to make new/different projects now. I'm totally swamped with custom orders and restocking my shop. We are loving our "retirement gig." All of this is a challenge, not a chore. My name is Lois and I'm a yarnoholic with no plans for reform.