Saturday, March 25, 2023


Stephen West sent out an email newsletter this morning.

It's time for my Westknits Spring Sale! This is the perfect occasion for you to plan your spring and summer knitting projects and let your creativity bloom. Enjoy 25% off all my patterns until tomorrow night!

Simply enter the discount code “SPRING” when you checkout on my website or on Ravelry to get 25% off my patterns and ebooks. The code can be used as many times as you want and is valid until the end of day on Sunday, 26th of March. The discount does not apply to the Modular Coloring Shawls e-book.  

Photos © Stephen West

I made up kits for the Striation Scarf. You can purchase online or in the store. More kits will be coming.

I had to stop because Mr. UPS brought in our boxes from Madelinetosh. The new Woolcycle Sport is available online. I have a few skeins in my bag to try 😘.

The plan right now is to knit the Kilim Cowl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with Woolcycle Well Water with Dyed in the Wool Shades of Earth.

The Kilim Cowl is a celebration of my Iranian and Kurdish heritage, and the beautiful artistry of Persian carpets. A Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire that highlights geometric shapes and are handwoven with naturally dyed wool. Growing up, my father owned a Persian rug shop where he fixed and sold antique carpets from the Middle East, including Kilims. I was raised around these beautiful works of arts and was taught all about the laborious process of this ancient craft. I learned all about how many months/years they took to make, the process of creating the vegetable and fruit dyed yarn, and what the various shapes and motifs represented on the carpets. I wanted to honor my heritage by creating a knitted cowl that celebrated this beautiful art form and paid homage to my family’s history. This moebius cowl is knit in the round and features a colorwork motif that signifies my version of the evil eye, or Nazar in Farsi, that’s often woven into Kilims. The piece is then finished off with a twist and grafted together using the kitchener stitch to create the moebius style cowl.

I need plane knitting - Beth and I leave for Vegas on Sunday morning. (Don’t forget that the store will be closed Wednesday April 5th). I also need to try the Woolcycle. It looks beautiful. 

My bag of shawls to be blocked. Alex stopped by this morning to pick them up - I keep forgetting to take them to her. Alex is going to have them ready for LYS Day (Saturday April 29th). I will write more about it next week.

I’m ready to lock up and head home. We’re having take out for dinner because neither Beth or I want to grocery shop and cook. Then some knitting. We have TV shows to catch up that were taped during the week.

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