Saturday, August 06, 2022

Blocking makes the difference

I blogged about Lang Linello just over a month ago and we finally received the last colour.

These pictures are from a newsletter that Churchmouse Yarns sent out.

Our Bias ‘Before & After’ Scarf is one of those patterns that is a perfect balance of mindless and meditative. We’re soothed by the simplicity of the stockinette, and engaged by the little bit of business at the ends of the knit rows that creates the bias detail! And the fabric’s brilliant, post-blocked transformation is always so satisfying! 

With its playful, eye-catching range of self-striping colors, Lang Linello brings even more adventure to your Bias ‘Before & After’ Scarf. This worsted-weight yarn is an inviting blend of linen, cotton, and viscose—breezy, downy, and drapey. Linello’s a great choice for cool accessories and for those who are sensitive to wool. And it’s such a joy to watch the self-striping shades unfurl as you knit!

You need the pattern for the original scarf (you can purchase it on the Churchmouse website) and then you need to download the addendum which is free.

When you are knitting the scarf you will think that it is the ugliest thing you have ever made. It is knit to a very loose tension and your stitches will look uneven. Don’t worry. When the scarf is blocked it is beautiful.

The scarf takes 2 balls of Linello.

Lynn and I (mostly Lynn) pulled out old samples the other day to figure out what needed to stay upstairs and what needed to go downstairs. We found Tensho. This isn’t a new sweater but it’s gorgeous and timeless.

Lynda knit Tensho for us. It is awesome!!! The main colour is Woolstok and the contrast is Dream State. Our sample is the third size. By the pattern yardage we needed 9 Woolstok and 2 Dream State. Lynda used 7 Woolstok and 1 Dream State with very little (almost nothing) left over from each yarn.

More colours of Woolstok are coming in a week or so. You can also use any worsted weight yarn for the body. Cascade 220 Heathers, Highland, Rios…..

Beth flew to Calgary last August 7th to meet Jackson and bring him home. It’s hard to believe he was that small. His colouring has really changed. No more black in him. 
Don’t forget that the next set of sale yarns will be live at 8am tomorrow morning.

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