Monday, January 13, 2020

52 Weeks of Socks

I borrowed this picture and text from Laine's website.
We have been waiting for this moment for over a year now – that’s how long this book has been in the making! Coordinating, editing and shooting 52 sock patterns has been a challenge and a huge project. But we made it – with the help of our amazing team and the magnificent designers who contributed their work to this book. 
52 Weeks of Socks will be out on the 14th of February. The book contains 52 knitting patterns for socks and slippers. The patterns feature a range of different techniques and textures, such as lace, cables, tuck stitches, colourwork, duplicate stitching and felting. All patterns come in 2 sizes. The book is suitable for both beginners and advanced sock knitters alike, as the difficulty level of patterns varies greatly. And as always in knitting (and in everything in life, really): you learn as you go. 
With 256 pages and a weight of 1100 g (2.5 lb) this is a hardcover book with a capital B. The woven cover, uncoated paper and a ribbon place marker make it feel extra special – it is an item you want to keep on your coffee table, a book that will make even non-sock knitters want to cast on.
The book is going to retail for $80.

Day 12 - your least favourite project
I have a few of these. They are shawls and I don't know if it is my colour choice or the design that I don't like. For now they are hibernating. Sometimes a project needs to go away for a while. When it comes out of hiding you wonder why you didn't like it.

Day 13 - something you've improvised
Wow - talk about perfect timing. I started Hinterland on Saturday afternoon. I was knitting away and realized that I should be making one size larger sweater. By this point I was about to start the colourwork. I am going to finish the yoke and then increase to the stitches that I should be at.

I spent this afternoon at home working on accounting. My eyes are crossed. I still need to sew my ends in on Newleaf but I'm not feeling it tonight. I'm working on Hinterland. It's supposed to be my plane knitting but I'm having fun and can't put it down. I'm already on the 23rd row of the yoke.

Someone has discovered Lucy's spot on the stairs.

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