Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lazy Sunday

We received new colours of Lang Linello this week.


The colours are ever surprising. Linello is a beautiful yarn made of linen, cotton and just a small percentage of viscose. The composition is not only breath-taking but it’s also breathable material. Perfect for hot summer days and balmy evenings.


This is a new shawl pattern in Linello. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

We used one ball of Linello to knit Easy (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Our scarf is colour 54. If you want the scarf bigger then you will need 2 balls.

Shawlettes in garter stitch are my favorite: They look great in a colorful yarn, they are squishy and warm your neck, and they are so easy to knit that even beginners will enjoy making them.  

This shawlette is named “Easy” because it is just that: So simple to knit, but the biased construction and change of knitting direction will bring out the best of a multicolored yarn. It is long and skinny and can be wrapped around several times, or tied with a knot – and it uses only 459 yards of fingering weight yarn. 

Length: ca. 200 cm (80 inches), Depth ca. 24 cm (10 inches) 

You start in one corner and knit a long triangle until 50% of your yarn is used up. Then you change the direction and modularly add a second triangle (no seaming required) – and you have made a colorful addition to your wardrobe!

Diana and I talked about the needles before she knit the scarf and decided on 3.25mm. You might want to use 3.5mm - it will depend on how tight you knit. We didn’t want a loose knit for this scarf. It’s a personal preference.

Last night and today I have been knitting squares for my Log Cabin Afghan. Mindless knitting while watching TV. I now have 28 squares finished. I’m going to lay out my squares tomorrow and pick the 25 that I want in my afghan.

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