Tuesday, May 04, 2021


Laura Aylor has a new pattern called Scooby. What a great looking top. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

This breezy top is knit from the top down with the raglan bodice knit in the round and the stockinette skirt knit sideways and attached as you go. Optional decorative buttons top the back vent where it is sewed together. Choose the size closest to your high bust measurement.

Laura knit her top in a yarn from Primrose that is exactly the same as Spincycle Dyed in the Wool. Laura suggests tosh merino light as an alternative. I’m going to suggest Juniper Moon Pollock for a summery top. Another suggestion is Mrs. Crosby Hat Box - there are lots of great colours still available.

Photos © Laura Aylor

We are very low on Soak so I did an order this morning. Along with the Soak we have more Minnie Basins coming. My guess is we will see them on Monday or Tuesday.

What is it: This bright little helper likes to focus on the small stuff: masks, bras and swimsuits fit just right in her compact shape. Hand wash in style with this small but mighty Soak system. 

    • fade resistant, frost resistant, UV resistant
    • child-safe, food safe
    • unique beveled edges for easy pouring

Minnie Basin 

Dimensions: 12” (30cm) wide x 4” (10cm) tall

Capacity: 5 Liters / 1.3 US Gallons

Full Size Soak

12oz / 375 mL, 75+ washes

How it works: Just Soak (scrub for masks!) and squeeze.

    • Wash face masks in hot water and scrub for 20 seconds, squeeze and dry.

Between washes use your basin to store your face masks and other small items.

I keep mine under the kitchen sink and use it to wash our masks. Lynn uses hers to wash her socks.

It was a good day today. I have my car back and the tire is happy. The best news is that Beth and I were vaccinated. Happy dance!!! So far so good. I feel fine. I was feeling good enough to sit down and rip back the eight rows on my Nightshift. I’m going to knit a few rows tonight and get the shawl back on track.

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