Tuesday, January 05, 2021

New Patterns

Our good friend Lynne Sosnowski has designed a very cute baby blanket. You can purchase the pattern for the Baby Rolls Blanket on Ravelry.

Baby Rolls is a blanket that features five colours and some roll-the-dice action to help randomize your stripe width and placement.

Two versions are given to work stripes along the width or the length, and you also get options to choose how open you want the chevrons to look.

Baby Rolls needs a total of 500 y/457 m of double-knitting (DK) weight yarn in five colours. (5 balls of Baby Bamboo, or 5 skeins of Ultra Pima) If substituting yarn, choose a DK weight that is soft, a little bit drapey, and is easy care. This pattern shows best in yarns that have a tight twist and a bit of sheen.

The blanket is knit in dk weight yarn. Lynn used Baby Bamboo from Sirdar for one version and 100% cotton for the other version - Sirdar Cotton DK has great colours.

We have Baby Gradient kits from Urth Yarns that would work for the blanket. This yarn is a cotton/viscose blend and has a slight sheen like Lynn suggests.

The four balls grade from white to a solid colour. You have more yarn than you need for the blanket so you could make the blanket bigger or knit accessories to match - hat, mittens, booties...

Andrea Mowry has a new pattern. I really wanted to say ‘our friend Andrea Mowry has a new pattern’ but I haven’t met her. I blog about her enough that I think I can call her a friend 😘

This shawl combines squishy garter, elongated stitches, bobbles, soft drapey yarn and some pops of color - the prime ingredients for a fun-to-knit and cozy-to-wear shawl! The elongated crossed stitches and bobbles remind me of X’s & O’s - wrap yourself up in some hugs and kisses!!

You can purchase the pattern for Hug Hug Kiss Kiss on Andrea’s website

Pictures © Andrea Mowry
The shawl is knit in worsted weight yarn

Boscoe had a long day at work. There was a lot of playing. Beth had to separate him and Winston at 3pm because the noise of them wrestling was starting to be too much. Boscoe is very loud when he plays. You think he’s mad but he’s just very vocal. 

I made it to Minikin number seven before dinner. I think I have an hour of knitting in me and then bed. Tomorrow I start on my year end accounting. That requires a good night’s sleep.

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Lynne said...

Thanks so much for including me today, Julie! I can't wait to see the beautiful blankets people make with the yarns you suggest.