Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Birds and Turtles

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy knit. The Sunday Cardigan fits the bill.

The Sunday Cardigan is knit from the top down with one strand of Inca Wool and two strands of silk mohair held together throughout the work. The yoke is knit back and forth in rib and shaped with increases. The button bands are knit simultaneously with the rest of the cardigan, so you do not have to pick up stitches at the end. The body and sleeves are knit in stockinette stitch and are finished with a wide rib edge. The sleeves are extra-long. The neckband is folded in and sewn to the wrong side. The button holes are constructed at the end by widening up a hole in the knit fabric (and are thus not worked as you knit the button band); they are secured and shaped by sewing along the edges of the button holes with buttonhole stitches (sewing).

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The cardigan is knit with one strand of worsted weight yarn and two strands of lace weight mohair. Your options are endless.

Here are all our worsted weight yarns and mohair.

Sarah has knit many PetitKnit patterns and has great success with them.

The one question I am asked about their patterns is figuring out how much yarn you need.

400 (400) 400 (500) 500 g Inca Wool from Hjertegarn (100 g = 160 m)

This is for the worsted weight. If you are making the first three sizes you need 640m of yarn (4 x 160). The next two sizes are 800m of yarn (5 x 160).

125 (150) 150 (175) 175 g Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting For Olive (25 g = 210 m)

This is for the mohair.

For the smallest size you need 1050m (5 x 210). The next two sizes 1260m. The last two sizes 1470m. It looks like more yardage for the mohair - it is because you are using two strands. You need 525m per strand for the smallest size. 

I hope this makes sense. If you are ordering yarn and having problems with the amount of yarn to purchase, please email me and I can help you.

I added some Birds of a Feather kits to the website today. The kits are Soul Single and Soul Mohair from Old Soul Fiber Co.

The yarn from Turtlepurl is on the way to us. Once it arrives in the store I will post about it showing all the colours. I will also give the time when it will be live on the website. We have 50 sets on the way so I want to give everyone the same opportunity to order.

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