Friday, January 22, 2021

Another work in progress

I pulled out my Spark Cardigan this afternoon. The body and one sleeve are finished. I just cast on the second sleeve with an Addi Easy Knit Rocket needle. It’s a bit too short for how many stitches I have so I need to find my 40cm needle. It was a lot easier when I lived above the store and could run downstairs when I needed a needle.

I think I need to make a schedule. I will work on ABC project on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. XYZ project on the other days. Jumping back and forth isn’t going to get anything done quickly but all of a sudden I will have a bunch of projects finished.

Speaking of the store - I had a small problem this morning. When I walked in it felt cold. Really cold. The furnace stopped working last night. Luckily I deal with a great company and they came within 30 minutes. When I texted Beth to tell her this was her reply
LOL. A comedian.

Turtlepurl is on the way. Hopefully this week. The website is ready.

Someone is adjusting to his cone.


theresa said...

I'm sure all the wool in the store provides some extra insulation! 😉

Trina said...

Hi Julie, can you share your furnace company? We haven't had much luck in that department! Thank you!

Julie said...

Hi Trina
The company is a commercial company. They don’t do houses. Sorry - I would definitely share with you.

Trina said...

No problem! Thanks Julie :)