Friday, January 29, 2021

More Honey

Mr. Canada Post dropped off a parcel from Lynda - another Honey Moss by Andrea Mowry (pattern purchased on Andrea’s website). This time we used 5 skeins of Kathmandu Aran in the colour Seaweed and it is gorgeous! I love this shawl. I could easily send Lynda yarn for another one but I think we’ll try something new.
It was really cold out so we did very quick pictures. When it is a warmer next week we will do another photo shoot.

Alex stopped by with my Painting Waves.

Thank you Alex - you did an awesome job. She even sewed in all my ends.

Last night after I decided it was time for a pretend trip I looked at the pictures on my computer and I was missing a lot from our trip to Phoenix. I went looking for my old phone that could have the pictures. I had two in my drawer and plugged them in. Yes, there were old photos. Please excuse the quality - Apple has made great strides with picture quality in the past 9 years.


We made it to our hotel safely last night. It is a long way down from our floor to the lobby.

Today we went to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. We have been watching this on TV for years and what a treat to be able to go.

Thank goodness my dad wasn’t with us. Who knows what we would be coming home with.

We did a lot of walking today. There were a lot of cars to look at. Tomorrow is the first day of TNNA so I need to have a good night sleep. 


Lois Evensen said...

We've been taking pretend trips, too. We've missed our road trips and hope we can go on a couple in 2021, but, heck, how knows.... The Painted Waves shawl is spectacular!

Norma said...

I LOVE watching the Barrett-Jackson Auction on TV. Was Robert Pratt in the audience, by any chance... (This question is similar to one we are always asked.... "Oh, you live in Canada! I have a friend who lives in [insert 'Canadian city/tow/village/whistle stop' here] Do you know her?" LOL...