Thursday, January 21, 2021

Butterfly Wings

Today we played with Urth Yarns Uneek Fingering and put together combinations for Butterfly.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

If you take a look at Urth’s website they have many suggestions for great garments using Uneek Fingering.

My supplier has updated the shade cards for Uneek Fingering so it shows the skein and the yarn knit up. I have updated our website with them.

X-Wing is another pattern from Marin Melchior - the designer of Butterfly. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
This is designed as a scarf, but you could sew the ends and make a cowl or do whatever pleases you and works with the yarns you have and or use. I designed it to use only one skein of each colorway needed. You could also make it longer buy purchasing/using more yarn. It would also make a great ‘dresser scarf” or decorative, interior piece, in cotton or linen… many possibilities…
The scarf takes one skein of Uneek Fingering and one skein of a solid/semi-solid fingering. Marin used Urth Monokram for the contrast.

My Rock It Tee. This shows why blocking is very important when you are finished knitting a garment. My stitches are uneven and the rows are bunching. When it’s finished and blocked it will lie flat and look 1000% better.

Boscoe had minor surgery on his ear today. He had a small growth that was getting bigger so the vet removed it. He is home and good but he has to wear a cone for two weeks.

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Julie Ann said...

Oh poor Boscoe! That can't be fun!