Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The gift of sheep

I was cleaning out my inbox and found an email from Dream in Color. How did I miss this? They are making Baby Tulip Kits.
I just placed an order. Two kits are coming-one for a girl and the other unisex/boy. There are eight colours in a kit which will make a 6-9 month or 12-18 month size.

Until I hear back from Dream in Color I don't know when they will be shipped. Many suppliers are closing between Christmas and the new year. Let me know if you are interested and I can email you when the kits arrive.

Today I received this beautiful candy tree from a customer. The inside is styrofoam and she pinned every piece of candy on it. What a lot of work. It looks fabulous!! She said that the star came from the dollar store so if you need a last minute gift you still have time to make a few of these. 

I was going to take the picture inside but there isn't a free inch of space right now.

Survivor. Beth picked Malcolm and I picked Michael before we started watching. I was closer but neither of us was right. Watching the reunion show can be very painful. You don't even remember some of the people because they were voted off so long ago. We fast forwarded to the end to see what is happening next season. Fans vs. Favourites. Who are the favourites going to be? I hope they are my favourites. :)

It is much later and our parents just left. We had our family Christmas. Mom and dad are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Thursday or Friday.

Beth and I each got a sheep.
Because of this gift, hope is renewed... The gift of a sheep can change life on the farm for a family in Guatemala-it provides wool, meat, and manure that helps with farming.
That was the perfect gift.

Dad, Beth and I hung our dining room pictures.
It look quite a while to pick out the small pieces. We laid them out on the floor at One of a Kind and then took pictures to make sure we got them hung properly. 
This was the last piece we needed for the long wall.
We might be done. I say might because you never know what Marie-Joel will have when we see her at the spring One of a Kind.

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