Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Stephen West has gone Honeycomb Crazy. You can purchase the patterns on his website.

Photos © Stephen West

The honeycombs are super simple and addicting to knit, so this project is suitable for an adventurous beginners and experienced knitters alike.

You might ask - how are they simple? You are only knitting with one colour in a row and the honeycombs are made by slipping stitches. Here is a link to a website describing the stitch. This will help you decide that one of these patterns is for you.

These are all great projects for using up stash yarn. Or self-striping yarns. Stephen repeats colours but there are no rules.

My Spark Cardi is growing. Both sleeves are finished and now I need to knit another 2” on the body. Then joining.

Getting a picture wasn’t easy. Beth has her lego spread out on the table. I laid my knitting out on the kitchen island. Small problem - the lighting kept changing the background from green to yellow. I had to aim and shoot quickly before the colour changed. Not my best work but you get the idea.

Our yarn from Turtlepurl is getting closer. It is in Mississauga at the sorting depot. We could have it next week. Keep watching for the launch date.

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