Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome Home Sarah

Cathy and Sarah dropped in this morning. It was great to see Sarah again. Life in England is agreeing with her! She brought me an amazing shawl pin that she bought at a knitting show in England. It is perfect for Kilcar!! I know what I will be wearing to church in the morning.

I've been packing projects to take home. I won't be back in the store until Thursday so I need to have all my bases covered. :) And there is supposed to be snow on Wednesday. Lots of it. What if they are wrong and it comes on Thursday and I can't get to work? I need to have something to do while I'm at home.
I didn't get as much knitting done over the weekend as I had hoped/planned. Here is the Linen Stitch Scarf so far.
When I got home from work I laid it on the deck to get a picture in natural light.
The dogs decided it was play time. That didn't last for very long because it is getting really cold out there. I know that some of you are suffering from really cold weather and I shouldn't complain.

I just talked to my dad-my parents are in Myrtle Beach. It is 16 C there today and he just finished golfing. I think he called to rub it in. :) He has a small problem though. He went into our house and didn't put the security code in correctly. The alarm went off and the security company called. Unfortunately none of us know the magic code the security company needs so he is now waiting for the police to arrive. I don't think he will ever make that mistake again. I better give them a call after Christmas and get that magic code.

Hope you are having a great afternoon with family and friends or maybe an afternoon with your knitting/crocheting.

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