Thursday, December 13, 2012


Another project finished!!

Pattern: Rochdale from Rowan magazine #46

Yarn: Rowan Big Wool

I started this in 2009 so it's about time. :)

I think it sat for so long because I hated the collar. Today when I put it on I realized that it needs to fold down to the first button and now I really like it.

This is the pile of ends to prove that I actually sewed them in. Notice that there are buttons. Kind of cheating though. They are the new buttons from Jul. No sewing required. They are screwed on.

Today I am wearing Kilcar for the first time. I went back through my posts and in March of 2007 I started the second sleeve so I probably started knitting it sometime in 2006. I actually finished it Tuesday, April 11, 2007. That didn't take very long to get it blocked.

Have you ever noticed that when you are watching TV the commercials are louder than the TV show? I'm watching CNN and they just said a law has been passed that TV stations can't do that anymore. Right on!!

It's 9:30 and Beth and I just got home from doing some running around. There was a TV emergency this afternoon in the store. I dropped the converter to the satellite. The converter is at least 10 years old and decided that it didn't want to work anymore. We went to Best Buy to get a new one. The first one we saw was $65. Seriously? Maybe for our house but not the store. Then we found one for $15. It is going to take a lot of reading to get it configured but for $50 I will try. I also bought a DVD player (thanks to gift certificates from friends) for our living room. DVD players are pretty cheap now. I remember when they were hundreds of dollars and now they are $50 to $100. If you need to go to Best Buy for Christmas shopping I suggest going around 6pm. The store was empty.

I need to sign off and concentrate on the football game. Beth and I are in the playoffs of our fantasy football. We won last week and are in the semi-finals. It's nail biting time. I WANT TO WIN!!! There won't be any knitting on Jack but I think I can get some rows done on Groovy before bed.


Seajaes said...

Do you prefer knitting with chunky yarns or finer yarns?

Linda in Waterloo said...

I love your Rochdale! It looks amazing.