Saturday, December 22, 2012

Earth Stripe

Kim came to work this morning wearing a beautiful wrap that she knit. I tried to 'borrow' it from her but she wasn't going for it. :)

pattern: Earth Stripe Wrap by Kaffe Fassett
yarn: Kidsilk Haze knit double strand

From the book Rowan's Greatest Knits and Rowan magazine #42

I started the new Linen Stitch Scarf last night. This is 3 hours of knitting. Casting on and just over 1". Using these numbers it will take about 27-30 hours to make the scarf.

The picture below is closer to the colours of the scarf. I wasn't sure about them after the first few rows but as I get more done I'm starting to really like them. It isn't as constrasty (I know it isn't a word but I like it) as my madelinetosh and Noro Linen Stitch scarves. It's closer to the Shepherd Sock kits that I put together.
I knit the last row onto a much longer needle so that I could show the colours. I have to go back to my other needle because this one is one size smaller than I am supposed to be using-it was the only one I had that was long enough.

Are you ready for some football? Beth and I lost our fantasy football last week so we are playing for 3rd place this weekend. A Saturday night game is great-especially since we don't have any hockey to watch.

The fireplace is on and I'm going to sit by it and knit. Hope you are warm and cozy this evening.

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