Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Devin and Jemma

Ms. Canada Post just delivered a big box from Namaste.
The Jemma pouches are so cute. They will make a great change purse. Or a little bag to hold your stitch markers, cable needles and small scissors. Or something to put in your purse to hold your lipsticks. Who cares-they are so cute that you just want to have them.

The Devin wristlet has slots for your credit cards. There is also enough room for your phone and car keys. Perfect if you don't want to haul around a big bag. If you like your big bag then this will work great inside to help you organize.

They live in a basket at the cash register. Did I mention that they are so cute??

Mr UPS came in later in the day with a box of Kidsilk Creation. The new colours are beautiful!!
I know that I showed this last week.
In case you missed it or forgot
how great the colours are here it is again.
Make a scarf in under an hour.
There is still time!!

Fast forward to 8pm. Beth and I just got back from my parents. My Aunt Ally made an apple pie for my dad (and one for me) so Beth and I stopped by for a piece and to bring our pie home. She makes the best apple pie.

I didn't get much done on my knitting today. I took Rochdale to work to sew in some ends. Here they are. Didn't make a dent in them.

That game show we watched last night-not going to watch again. It was a thumbs down at our house. My dad always told us that if we didn't have anything good to say then don't say anything at all so I'm not going to say anymore on the subject. Dad taught us well. :)

I've been posting on Facebook and working on two newsletters. It's time to put the computer away and get back to my knitting.

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