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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Covent Garden

I was late leaving the store tonight. The scarf was almost done so I decided to stay and finish it. Does this count as a finished project? If so then I get to start something new. :)

Yarn: Covent Garden from Estelle

One skein makes the scarf. Needle size doesn't matter - I used 4mm but 4.5mm or 5mm would work as well.
It's nice and long so you will be able to wrap around nicely.

Casey (@Ravelry on Twitter) tweeted something cool about Ravelry that I didn't know about.

Go to the pattern page and on the left you will see 'HOT RIGHT NOW'. Just below that it says 'YOU'VE LOOKED AT...'. Then it says 'SEE MORE ON YOUR HISTORY PAGE'. Take a look. It shows what you have recently looked at.

I look a few pictures from my iPad to show you. The first is the main pattern page.
Here are my recent searches. It even shows the time.

Now you can see what websites I've been looking at. Fantasy Football. ESPN. Vegas shows-seeing if there is anyone that I need to see when I'm there at the end of January.

This picture was taken last night in Honduras. It has become tradition to hold a pinata party on the final night in a village. My dad says that the kids love it but they have to hold back the parents because they can be worse than the kids going for candy. Today they are traveling to the capital city, Tegucigalpa. They spend the night there tonight and fly home in the morning.
People ask my dad why I don't go along. Seriously? My dad knows that it isn't worth wasting his breath to ask me. No make up. No running water. Cold showers. Going to the washroom outside. I'm much better off donating money and letting others go. That isn't something that I could do and the others on the trip don't want me along. :)

I got the second border picked up on All the Shades of Truth last night but didn't even make it through the first row before my bed called me. Maybe I'll get more done tonight.

If you receive our sock newsletter make sure to watch your inbox tomorrow morning. I finished a newsletter this afternoon and it is scheduled to go out around 6am. A general newsletter will be going out later this week.

Beth just came home with pizza-it's dinner time and then knitting time.

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