Monday, December 10, 2012


This morning I've been playing 'accountant'. My accounting is currently on my old lap top. Every time I want to write a cheque I need to get the computer out, boot it up (it's old and slow) and then open my accounting. I'm trying something new-an online host that I can use from my MacBook. It is kind of fun to be playing with numbers again. Unfortunately I can't snap my fingers and have everything move. I need to do some entering of numbers and today wasn't the day for that.

It is 12 hours later and I'm finally getting back to my post.

Yesterday was spent blocking.
This is Kilcar from Debbie Bliss knit in her tweed. It is on my bed in this picture and very wet after a bath in Soak. I knit this but never wore it because I didn't like the fit. After many towel changes it is drying but not as fast as I would like. I just tried it on (still very damp) and the fit is much better. Except for the sleeves. They are at least 4" too long. I'm not ripping them out so I will have cuffs on my jacket.

This is the picture that I have on Ravelry for the jacket so that you can get a better look at it.

Rochdale from Rowan #46
This is a jacket in Rowan Big Wool that has been finished except for the ends for over a year. It is currently lying on my bathroom floor. I didn't want to totally wet it for fear that the Big Wool could stretch way too much so I laid it out and used the wet towels from Kilcar. Very resourceful of me. :)

I got 30 rows knit on Jack yesterday in between blocking, cleaning and watching football.

If you haven't watched the Amazing Race finale then please stop reading.

Beth is telling me to hurry because there is a new game show with Howie Mandel taped. I also need to get some knitting done.

Rochdale from the magazine. I'm undecided on the pockets. Well, right now I'm decided that they aren't going on but there is yarn left over so I can add them in the future.
The Amazing Race. I'm not sure what to say. When I saw the final challenge I knew the Josh and Brent were going to win. It was one of those challenges where you needed some patience and luck. After they crossed the finish line Beth turned it off because she was so upset that James and Jaymes didn't win. Thankfully they won cars earlier in the evening.

I might be sewing in ends tomorrow. All the Shades of Truth is ready as is Rochdale. I really need to hire a 'sew in the ends fairy'.

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